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The United States of America, defined by a common pursuit of excellence, from the Declaration of Independence to today, embodies American exceptionalism, innovation, bravery, and morality guided by reason and faith. In its short 246 years, America has unquestionably become the greatest nation in the world. At Old Guard Pet Company, we are humbled to be a family-owned small business that reveres the founding beliefs and principles of this great nation. The freedoms within America make it possible for individuals and small businesses like Old Guard to start from humble beginnings and grow by offering value, quality, and enjoyment to the American people and, of course, their dogs. In this blog, we share how we support, celebrate, and preserve traditional American values.

Our Name Pays Homage to Our Nation’s Heroes

Our name, Old Guard Pet Company, pays homage to “The Old Guard” or the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment that has served our nation since 1784. It is the oldest active-duty infantry in the Army, predating the Constitution by three years. The Old Guard is steeped in tradition, with the regimental motto being “Noli Me Tangere” (“Touch Me Not”). The brave and honorable service of men and women maintains our nation’s freedom and sovereignty. At Old Guard Pet Company, we honor and give back to our active-duty service members, veterans, and first responders while celebrating great traditions like The Old Guard. We owe our uniquely American freedoms and liberties to these heroes, and we are forever grateful.

We Focus on American-Made

We manufacture our recipes right here in America. Our bags are also manufactured in the USA, and our company “swag” is American-made. Though it may cost a bit more, we are dedicated to supporting American jobs and small businesses. We make every effort to partner and collaborate with companies located and headquartered in the United States. The prosperity and maintenance of American economic power are crucial to preserving our freedoms and independence. A strong America means a more peaceful and prosperous world, and we take pride in an America that remains full of opportunities for future generations.

Our Values are Steeped in Tradition—American Tradition

At Old Guard, our commitments and priorities are clear. We provide premium nutrition to support your dog’s optimal well-being and quality of life. Values-based purchases are growing as many large corporations have become political arms of the progressive left, leaving consumers to search for alternatives. However, at Old Guard, we unwaveringly believe in the Constitution and the unique liberties that have built America. We proudly stand as an unabashedly patriotic and freedom-loving business. We celebrate the family unit and recognize the pivotal role of dogs in our unique culture—from homes to frontlines. If our dedication to these values is deemed political, so be it. We will be relentless in improving dog health and well-being through nutrition and always be proud to wave the American flag.

We Support Veteran and First Responder Causes or Non-Profits Supporting American Freedoms

We proudly support various causes that give back to our nation’s heroes—men and women who honorably work every day to protect our freedoms. We support active military personnel and their pets during deployments, as well as the care of retired working dogs who served with our military and police forces. Furthermore, we are dedicated to raising and supporting service dogs that provide crucial help to those in need.

America is the greatest nation. Founded on beliefs and principles rooted in knowledge and faith, our Founding Fathers built a nation for the people by the people. At Old Guard, we are here to serve the American people and their beloved dogs and to celebrate and uphold the traditions that made America.


Five Dog Food Nutrition Secrets From a PhD

Five Dog Food Nutrition Secrets From a PhD

With so much information floating around out there on dog nutrition, how can you be sure you have the facts? In this guide, Founder Maggie Gooding, PhD, in Animal Nutrition and Behavior, with over a decade experience in R&D working on some of the largest pet food brands share five nutrition secrets to help your dog live a longer healthier life.

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