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Old Guard Pet Co. prioritizes your dog’s health while upholding your traditional American values.


Small batch recipes that patriots can feel good about

The only dog food company that is founded and owned by a PhD in Companion Animal Nutrition, Old Guard relies on established, proven, and historically grounded nutritional foundations. Our founder oversees each step of the process from recipe design to our small batch, slow cooking method. At Old Guard we are committed to delivering safe, nutritious, and tasty recipes.


Feel good buying from a company that aligns with your values. No politics, no B.S.


Wholesome recipes that support your dogs complete nutritional needs.


Founded by a Pet Nutritionist, we only use the best ingredients, backed by proven science.

Old Guard Pet Co. Dog Food Recipes


Premium Nutrition for All Breeds and Life Stages


Performance Blend for Working Dogs


Premium Nutrition for Large Breeds


Real Peanut Butter Flavor


Real Bacon Flavor


Lean Muscles

Chicken is our #1 ingredient that provides a quality protein source for healthy, lean muscles.


Fiber, prebiotics and probiotics for a healthy microbiome and digestive health.


Antioxidants, like Vitamin E and Selenium, for strong immune defenses.


Supports healthy brain development and mental alertness throughout life.


Nutrients for strong bones and healthy mobility.

Skin & Coat

Healthy skin and shiny coat, from balanced omega 6:3 from superfoods like flaxseed and fish oil.

PHD Crafted
All recipes crafted by our PhD founder and owner to be complete and balanced.
Unlike other brands, additives, supplements and toppers are not required.

I have two older mixed breed terriers who quickly became fans of the Old Guard Ultra Premium chicken and brown rice diet. My older dog Isabel recently had major abdominal surgery and her appetite post-op was so-so on her previous diet. I offered the new kibble, and she started eating immediately! Our other dog Gooby can be fussy about his food. Since I started feeding him the diet, he now cleans his bowl regularly which has been a problem in the past. They have great hair coats and no GI upset with this diet. I am very particular about what I feed my dogs as I want to ensure they have the best nutrition available to them. This diet meets those needs with its excellent nutritional profile as well as its palatability. I would recommend this food to anyone who wants to ensure their dog receives a highly nutritious diet with high quality ingredients.

Dawn S.DVM, MS,Dipl. ACVPM-Associate Professor of Veterinary Medicine in East Tennessee

Zeke loves the Battle Biscuits! He gets Peanut Butter in the morning and Bacon when we're cooking dinner. He actually bugs me about it like clockwork every day.

Josh C.American Staffordshire Owner

I am really active with my dog and we go running every day so it was really important to get a high protein, high fat diet. I was impressed with the mix of protein from chicken, buffalo, egg, salmon and herring and my dog loves it.

Emma G.Black Labrador Owner

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American. Balanced. Science-Backed.

Old Guard Ultra Premium Dog Food is the perfect balance of American ingenuity and science-backed blends. We pride ourselves in only producing quality products with a small batch production process, ensuring each product meets or exceeds AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials) regulations for your pet’s nutritional needs. To make sure our food has additional health benefits for your All-American dog, we source all ingredients within the USA while adding vitamins and minerals from Europe to round out our recipes that gives your dog what he/she needs to live their best life.

Give Your Dog the Quality Nutrition they Deserve without Compromise.

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Old Guard PHD

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Stop Compromising your American Values and Give Your Dog the Health, Longevity and Nutrition they Deserve.