Have questions about Old Guard Pet Company? Please browser our FAQs below.

How do I decide what recipe to feed my dog?

We design our recipes to meet the needs of your dog based on several important attributes that influence their nutritional requirements including size (adult weight), age and activity level. Our All-American is suitable for dogs of all ages including puppies. Our All-American recipe is also perfect for dogs of any size small and big. Our Big Guns recipe is designed for adult dogs over 18 months of age that are greater than 50 lbs. with low or average energy levels. Lastly, our Patriot Power recipe is perfect for high energy adult dogs, working dogs or dogs that need some help gaining weight or muscle mass.

Where are your products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured in the United States, we do small batch productions to ensure quality. We partner with a company whose philosophy aligns with ours and is simple: Quality, Reliability and Safety.

How long does Old Guard food last?

You can find the product expiration date on the bag. We also have included re-sealable features on the bags to help maintain freshness.

How much should I give my dog to eat?

How much to feed your dog depends on several factors including your dog’s age and body weight and well as the calories in the food. You can find the recommended feeding guidelines for each recipe of Old Guard in our products section on our website and on each bag of Old Guard Pet food.

How do you ensure safety of the products?

We ensure our products are formulated to meet and/or exceed AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials > Home (aafco.org)) guidelines for your dog’s specific nutritional needs. We also add certain ingredients and nutrients that have proven additional health benefits for your dog.

What is your Nutritional Philosophy?

With over decade of experience in pet food research and development we believe it’s about the right balance of ingredients to provide the necessary nutrients for your dog’s health and well-being. We make our selections for each recipe based on the specific dog needs, traditional, safe, and science-backed combinations of ingredients and nutrients to support a high quality of life for all dogs. We seek American sourced ingredients and ensure all our products are Made in the USA.

What is the Old Guard Guarantee?

All our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason we would love to learn more and understand why so, we can continuously improve. Please reach out to questions@oldguardpetco.com or call 888-294-0660 so we can make it right.

How do I switch my dog to Old Guard Pet Food?

Anytime you try a new food for your dog it is important to transition from the old food to the new food gradually. This will help minimize any upset stomachs. We recommend that you transition your pet over about 14 days. You know your dog best; if your dog has a sensitive stomach or a loose stool then perhaps slow the transition down.

How often should I feed my dog?

Puppies have smaller stomachs so, give at least 3 meals per day up to 4 months of age. For adult dogs, 2 meals/day are typical; however, dogs can be perfectly fine with one meal per day. For high intensity working dogs, we recommend that meals fed several hours before and after intense activity.

How many treats can I give my dog a day?

For treats, this depends on your dog’s age, size and energy level. Treats are a great way to reward our dogs but, they do add calories. We recommend no more than 4 treats per day for large dogs and 2 for small dogs.

How should I store the food and treats?

We recommend storing your dog’s food in a cool, dry space. We designed our bags to have a resealable feature so you don’t need to use a storage bin.

What protein does Old Guard use?

We believe in balance in all that we do. We ensure each diet starts with real chicken and includes several other animal protein sources such as eggs, one of the highest quality, complete and balanced proteins.

Does Old Guard Offer any Grain Free products?

We do not offer Grain Free recipes at this time. Grains offer valuable nutrition to your pet and can be ideal energy sources that are highly digestible. Each recipe includes several high-quality grain types to balance glycemic index and energy availability between meals.

Does Old Guard Offer any Wet Products?

We are a small start-up company so; at this time, we have elected to prioritize kibble and treats. Kibble is the most common and convenient way to get safe, quality nutrition to your pet. Over time, with wonderful customers, like you and your beloved dogs, we hope to grow our portfolio.

My dog can be sensitive to some foods, what is the best diet to choose?

There are many causes of sensitivities, and they can be difficult to diagnose. All our current recipes are Chicken based. Our products do not contain wheat, dairy or beef protein which can be some of the leading causes of food related sensitivities in dogs. However, want to be sure? Take our recipes to your vet and ask them or you can email us at questions@oldguardpetco.com or call 888-294-0660 and a team member would be happy to help answer any questions.

My dog is a picky eater will he/she like Old Guard food?

We design our recipes, so they are tasty by adding natural flavors dogs love, being Chicken first and having a resealable bag that helps keep the product fresh.

However, we know some pups can be picky so, there are some additional ways to encourage eating:

  • Try hand feeding your dog before the meal, this can stimulate appetite and you can work on some training.
  • Add warm water. Sometimes this can help encourage eating and if dogs have older teeth can help them chew the food. Just remember, don’t leave the food out for long once wet as it will go bad.
  • Try to only give your dog about 20 min to eat. This will help them learn food is only available for a certain amount of time.
  • We don’t recommend adding table scraps to the food to encourage eating. Since we design the formulas to be perfectly balanced with each bite, adding additional food can impact this balance.

What do the ingredients mean and what do they do for my dog?

Check out our Ingredient Transparency page. Each ingredient is selected for a health benefit.